Facelifted Ford Figo Hatchback and Ford Figo Sedan New Model 2012- Will They Launch In India Soon?


Ford Figo is a great car and has managed to clock appreciable numbers in the market. It does well and is still doing well which is a reason for Ford to celebrate. But on the other side of the page there are two cars which hope of making it big in the market but unfortunately have not tasted success yet.

We are talking about Ford Fiesta Classic and the new 2011 Ford Fiesta. While the 2011 Fiesta is too pricy to be a sedan, the Fiesta Classic could not attract buyers inspite of its affordable pricing.

New Ford Figo front

image – New Model Ford Figo or Fiesta Hatch in Brazil

Fiesta Classic is on the path that once was followed by Ford Ikon and in a while from now it is possible that the car will be phased out from the market. This would come as a setback for the market as we would definitely appeal for a replacement.

New Ford Figo Sedan

image – New Model Ford Figo or Fiesta Sedan in Brazil

To our surprise, while surfing through Brazilian Ford website, we have come across the new Ford Figo and Ford Figo sedan. The cars are known by the Fiesta brand there but in India it is called as Figo. What amazes us is the Fiesta sedan which is a sedan/saloon version of the Figo and if Fiesta Classic is escorted out of the market, there are chances of Figo sedan filling its space.

New Ford Figo rear

image – New Model Ford Figo or Fiesta Hatch in Brazil

The Novo Fiesta hatch shown here is very much like our Indian Figo with least differences. The only evident difference is the 1.6 badge at the rear which depicts that the car equips a more powerful 1.6 litre engine.

New Ford Figo Sedan rear

image – New Model Ford Figo or Fiesta Sedan in Brazil

The Novo Fiesta Sedan is a Figo from the front but at the rear it resembles Ford Mondeo. Again it sports a bigger 1.6 litre engine unlike the 1.2 litre one offered here with Figo. We would definitely hope that a bigger more powerful engine should be introduced by Ford and also Novo Fiesta Sedan should make its way into the market soon.

If launched it will compete again Maruti Swift Dzire and Tata Indigo Manza and we are sure it will both these cars a run for their money.

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