2014 Honda Jazz New Model Lined Up For India


There is a mysterious thing happened and what we noticed on the Indian website of Honda Cars. The idea is that there are Jazz and Civic missing from the site and predictably we thought that might be possible Honda wants to discontinue the models. Here is a turn and twist in the story and it is this that Honda is all set to launch 2014 Honda Jazz New Model in the coming year 2014.

There are two different cars which would be going to launch after Honda Jazz as the Jazz will be base for them and they are Honda Jazz based city sedan and the compact Honda Jazz based SUV. The city sedan will be finally going to launch in India. As Mr. Hironori Kanayama said that “The Jazz based compact SUV could be launched in India during 2014. The Jazz based compact SUV will be pitted straight at the Ford EcoSport, a crossover that will be launched in India in a couple of months’ time. With the Jazz based compact SUV, we will have a stab at one of the fastest growing segments in the Indian car market, the compact SUV segment. The next generation Jazz hatchback is expected to be the first big launch for 2014 after which the compact SUV could follow”.

2014 Honda Jazz New Model

The prediction for both models (City sedan & compact SUV) is that they will be going to feature a powerful 1.5 liter i-DTEC turbo diesel engine. This would be an Indian built model. The hidden news is also that the upcoming Jazz and city sedan can come with a diesel engine, as everybody knows to play safer and long Honda’s diesel engine fittings is good card to play, as this can put Honda into the most profitable conditions.

There is heated news about the auto maker that the sibling of Jazz the Honda Fit which is currently a sale model in USA is going to replace. The model will be replacing the current model and it will also be going to launch in 2014. The reason behind the replacement is to introduce a new city braking advance system. This system is highly designed for the city purposes. We are predicting as the company for the betterment of the model might use and introduce it. As we all know that new things get loads of attraction. This is an anti accident braking system which gets operated via a laser situated at the windshield, as conditions happen for a collision before that the system sends visual and audible alerts to driver and if driver fails to stop the car then brakes automatically applies.

The idea is that this technology might be used by the auto maker in India too as our sub continent also requires this kind of modern technology for the thick traffic which we have in metro cities. All in all we can say that Honda has a different idea to produce five diesel powered cars for the Indian car market, so if this can be done successfully then Honda will rock the boat.

Source – Times Of India