Is This Next Generation 2014 Nissan Teana For India?


Nissan Teana, a car you probably don’t see much on Indian roads due to the petrol heart and fierce competition from the likes of the Honda Accord, is all set to change the rules of the game. We’ve always believed that the company’s recently launched Altima would be for the U.S. markets whereas the Teana will do the duty in the Asian markets. But what has surprised us is that Nissan has rebadged the Altima as the Teana for the Chinese market.

But our belief might just be wrong as Nissan might just follow a global strategy with its Altima and unify the brand Teana with brand Altima. Nissan could follow the rebadging technique with the Altima world over by bringing it with a name that is established in different countries. So the Altima could be very well our facelifted version of the Teana and so could be the case for various Asian markets.

2014 Nissan Teana India

The spyshots from China showcase that the Altima or the Teana is pretty much ready for a launch. And like most of the companies extend the wheelbases of their cars to suit the Chinese market, so will be the case for the Teana. The spyshots reveal clearly that it is nothing but a Nissan Altima in the US. Nissan rebadges their Sunny as the Versa to sell in US, so a vice-versa treatment for US cars meant for other markets will not be much of an issue for the company.

2014 Nissan Teana India

Currently, Nissan manufactures the Teana at its plant in Chennai. Nissan aims to bring in 10 new models in India by the fiscal year 2016. The engines on offer are a 2-liter, 2.5-liter V6 and a 3.5-liter V6 petrol but they would not find many takers in India. What could make a lot of sense for our market could be a 1.8 litre turbo diesel unit. Nissan India aims to bring in 10 new models in India by 2016 and the facelifted Teana or the Altima could very well be a part of their strategy.

2014 Nissan Teana India