2015 Audi A7 Facelift Caught Testing


Being innovative, futuristic and out-of –the-box is the key to stay afloat and grow in the luxury car market. Keeping this in mind, German luxury car maker Audi has already started working on the 2015 Audi A7 Facelift as it gears up for its 2014 launches. Recently, the test mule was caught on the camera in Germany. Although the car was half camouflaged, the rest half was enough to tell the story.

Although the front of the car was not captured in the shots, speculations and guesswork suggest that its front will boast of Matrix LED headlamps which can work in tandem with car’s internal navigation system and can adjust the beam according to the prevailing road, lighting and weather conditions. The new beam system is said to be world’s first digitally controlled, glare free high-beam system and can prove to be a new milestone as far as intelligent beaming system is concerned.


At the rear you can see the newly designed LED lights on the bumper. These lights are integrated with trapezoidal exhaust tips. Throughout the breadth of the hatch runs high mount brake-lights. On the interior, one can surely expect to have some welcome changes to make the ride more comfortable.

2015 Audi A7

The car may not see many changes in terms of engine specifications. Hence, the 2015 Audi A7 will have same engine variants as its predecessor had. However, these engines may be more efficient than the current lineup of cars. The super luxurious, sporty car will face off with rivals like BMW 6 Series Coupe and the Mercedes-Benz CLS etc. Till we see the front of the car or get further details about it, it is difficult to say where it stands as compared to its competition.  But there’s something we know for sure, and that is the fact that it will surely take the luxury coupe segment with a storm.