2016 Maruti Swift Next Generation Model In The Making– Details


The latest generation of the new Suzuki Swift first made its way to the Indian roads in 2011 and the car is due for a mid-life refresh this year. The car would get a couple of refreshes in the coming few years according to us before the next generation model of the car gets launched in 2016. An Italian website AlVolante has reported that the Suzuki Swift will get the next gen treatment 3 years down the line in 2016. If it isn’t broke, then why fix it is the rule and the latest version of the Swift is the result of that. It pretty much evolved from its previous generation rather than coming with a revolutionary design.

While usually almost every car maker follows the plan of keeping a generation of the car in markets for around 6-8 years in the compact car department, Suzuki believes in keeping them longer in the market in current generations. It has kept some of its cars in the markets for over 10 years and the Maruti 800, has been in the Indian market for around 25 years with refreshes. And yes, if you thought that Suzuki had pulled the plug on the iconic Maruti 800, you were wrong. The car is still on sale for BS III cities.

2013 Maruti Suzuki Swift


The Suzuki Swift undoubtedly is one of the most important cars in Suzuki’s lineup and there are over 3 million Swifts on the roads globally and the number keeps on increasing everyday. As a matter of fact, it was the best selling car in India for a short period of time. So if Suzuki intends on keeping this car a successful one, it needs to get all those refreshes, updates and major overhauls every now and then taking place.

Suzuki Swift Interiors

The Swift in its future generations is expected to get a hybrid-version as well in addition to the petrol and diesel units present on the car. The next gen Swift might just borrow design cues from the S-Cross Concept that will make its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in some time from now. This is because the Suzuki cars have a certain Suzuki signature styling and they are bound to use their next generation designs when they go to the drawing board for making the next generation of their bestseller. The Swift till now has had somewhat a conservative design as of now but Suzuki might just go all guns blazing with the next generation of the car and style it a bit aggressively.

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Source: AlVolante.it Image credits: Paultan