2022 Hyundai Creta Facelift Looks Impressive in Realistic Illustrations

The Hyundai Creta has been a sales success like none other. In its second generation now, the compact SUV, which made its local debut amidst lockdown in 2020, is expected to receive its mid-life facelift sometime next year. Ahead of the official unveiling of the mid-cycle update, there have been many speculations about the looks of the refreshed 2022 Hyundai Creta. The latest in line is a couple of rather realistic renderings that actually make the SUV look pretty good with the speculative updates.

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Back at the time of the debut, the second generation Hyundai Creta surprised everyone with the rather unconventional styling cues. While the first-ten model had a typically SUVish silhouette with pretty ordinary styling details, the latest model broke all conventions with a very distinct styling. With the facelift, however, it’s expected that the Creta would get a slightly toned-down, albeit, a more premium look. The front-end will looks the horizontal slats on the upper grille and instead, there will be a honeycomb pattern as seen on the Creta for the Latin American markets. Also, the bumper will be new and look a tad sportier.

The side profile will remain largely unchanged. However, as per the rendering you see here, the alloy wheels will be retained. Not like we don’t find the dual-tone alloy wheels of the current car to be impressive, but in all likelihood, the updated model will get a set of new rims. Also, in the rendering, you can see that the roof, as well as the lightning arc, have been painted matte black. Again, we already see an all-black roof with a black-painted lightning arc on the Turbo variant and the same could become a permanent feature of the facelift.

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Finally, the rear-nd could look a lot different and even much neater with reworked taillamps. Even the tailgate could be revised, while the bumper could stay pretty much the same. Overall, we’re impressed with 2022 Hyundai Creta visualized by the renderings here. We feel that a similar set of updates for the actual car could make it look a bit more sophisticated than the current model while retaining the distinctive looks of the existing model.

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