2022 Suzuki Jimny vs Rs 1 Cr Land Rover Defender 90 in Off-Road Battle

These two off-roading machines might be miles apart in terms of the segment and price point, but are designed to accomplish the same tasks.

Suzuki Jimny and Land Rover Defender go toe-to-toe in this off-road challenge. The Jimny is quite a famous international model among the off-roading community who want hardware to go to any terrain at the least expensive price. For its price, it is one of the most potent and popular compact SUVs in every major automobile market in the world. On the other hand, the Defender brings with it, the heritage associated with the Land Rover brand famous for making tough off-roading SUVs with a premium quotient. Here is what happens when these two capable SUVs face off in the off-road challenge.

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Jimny vs Defender Off-Road Challenge

The video is quite detailed and almost every conceivable challenge has been covered in it. The location is an open field somewhere in Cape Town, South Africa. The terrain is not regularly used which makes the driving a bit more challenging. The drivers are up for the challenge to put the SUVs to test. Some of these tests include driving on small rocks, dirt tracks with almost no traction, steep slopes, sharp descents, uneven surfaces, etc. All these types of scenarios test various aspects of an off-roading vehicle like ground clearance, approach and departure angles, all-wheel-drive abilities, traction control system, wheel articulation, power among others.

The SUVs travel quite a lot of distance and go through every part of the terrain comprehensively. The results are very encouraging for anyone who is looking to buy either of these SUVs. The software and hardware equipment of the Defender is sophisticated and aids the driver in every road condition. It glided through many obstacles quite effortlessly. However, one drawback of the Defender is the low approach angle which led to it scratching its front end on some steep inclines. These are visible at the end of the video.

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suzuki jimny vs land rover-defender off-road challenge

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On the other hand, the Jimny struggled in some very steep inclines where it couldn’t put all its power down. The wheels were spinning quite a lot because it is not a heavy vehicle. Apart from a few steep slopes, the Jimny also dominated the challenges confidently. In essence, if you are on a budget, Jimny could be the ideal off-roading SUV for you. However, if you have some extra cash and want a rather luxurious experience with an even more sophisticated off-road kit, the Land Rover Defender is the one for you.

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