30 Lakhs Swift Cars Sold Across The World– Details


Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese Multinational corporation. The company is the ninth largest automobile production of the world in terms of volume. Suzuki motor corporation species in developing and manufacturing compact automobiles such as four by four vehicles, all terrain vehicles and motorbikes. The company has lots of cars in India. One of the hot selling and successful hatchback car is Maruti Suzuki Swift. The big news about the Suzuki Swift got unveiled that the sales chart got hike. Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced this worldwide that the sales for the car Swift crossed 3 million.Swift crossed this amazing 3 million figure in eight years and two months. The hatchback was launched in 2004 but the production for Swift in India begun in 2005. The car was launched first in Japan in the year 2004. After that launch company started the production and distribution of the vehicle across the globe. The hatchback got launched in China, Hungary, and India respectively. Last year in 2012 the production and distribution for the car expanded and operations started in Thailand.


Swift has its own story to tell. The Sports hatchback when entered in India got astonishing response by Indian consumers. It had the finest sporty looks and all the muscles of Japanese engineering. Predictably Swift got expanded businesses in 120 countries and sales marked above three million. The Japanese engineering miracle‘Swift’ got lot of awards in the past eight years. Many a times Swift got automotive awards for its sheer performance. The ‘Automotive Researchers and Journalists Conference’ of Japan awarded the Swift as ‘The car of the year’ twice in 2006 and 2011 respectively. A predicted raw figure for Swift’s award is 67 awards in 26 Countries. Japan accounted at around 13% of Swift sales while India accounted for 45%, and Europe accounted for 23%.

Suzuki Swift Recalled Because Of Petrol Leakage

Suzuki Swift can win the loveliest car award too because its unique and peppy handling makes it lovely and adorable for consumers. India got Suzuki Swift by Maruti Suzuki India and Suzuki motors have at around 54% of stake hold. The hatchback is a segment emperor as it is very economic to own and very stylish to show. The price bracket for the hatchback is Rs.6.7 Lakhs to 4.5 lakhs depending on the different available variants respectively.

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