5 Reasons Why And How To Take More Care Of A Turbo Charged Car

Here are 5 tips on how to maintain your turbo-charged petrol and diesel car in the long run and what problems will you be facing.

The trend of turbo charged engines have started recently in India as the a lot of manufacturers are equipping their cars with it. While turbo diesel cars were present from a long time, its the turbo petrol engines that started coming recently. Usually, we find these turbo petrol cars with small capacity engines.


Many people might be unaware of this fact, but a turbo-charged car requires more care and attention even more than a regular petrol engine. Here are 5 reasons why you should take care of a turbo charged car and also tips on how to take care.

1. Keep It Idle For 30 Seconds While Starting

If you are starting your turbo car first time in a day, you have to keep it idle for 30 seconds. In that time period, you just have to keep it idle and not at all accelerate. Since the turbo charger starts at a very high RPM and requires high lubrication, idling will ensure that the lubrication reaches the unit.

2. After A Long Drive, Do Not Switch The Engine Off Quickly

Similarly, after high speed driving or a long distance driving, it is advised to not switch of the engine immediately. After you put it in the parking spot or even for that matter stop anywhere, let it be idle for a couple of seconds and then switch off. As soon as you switch off the engine, the oil flow stops but the turbo is still running. Without lubrication, it may reduce the durability of the unit.

3. Cleaning Up The Fuel Injectors

In turbo-charged cars, the carbon deposits are found more than a naturally aspirated unit. So, if heavy deposits are found near the injectors, they can reduce the performance and the durability of the engine. So, every year or 50,000 kilometres whichever comes first, you are advised to get your fuel injectors cleaned.

4. Avoid Over Heating Of The Engine

Since turbocharged cars run at a higher RPM, they tend to overheat more. There have been many cases where turbo cars have stalled mid-way due to overheating. In the case of long-distance driving, it is advisable to take regular halts if you are travelling in heavy sunlight areas.

5. Regular Servicing

The last and most important tip is to ensure regular servicing of a turbo-charged car. Maintaining a turbo unit is towards the costlier side and in case anything goes bad, the repairing costs will be huge. So by ensuring regular cleaning of injectors, an inspection of turbo chargers and such is very important.