Anand Mahindra Reveals SUV Priced Under Rs 1,500 to Man Asking Car for Rs 10,000

Instead of writing a long reply, Anand Mahindra gave a witty reply with a picture of a miniature Mahindra Thar that sold on Amazon

Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra Group, is known for being highly active on micro-blogging site, Twitter. He keeps netizens entertained with his witty replies and quirky videos. Also, he’s been regular with extending a helping hand to the needy and even promoting young talent. What’s actually great is that he does this on almost a daily basis. But he often deals with some senseless comments. His reply to one such Tweet will definitely leave you in splits.

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anand mahindra suv under 1500
Replying to a Tweet asking for a car in Rs 10,000, Anand Mahindra posted a photo of a die-cast miniature Mahindra Thar sold for below Rs 1,500.

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Anand Mahindra’s Witty Reply to Senseless Tweet

Earlier this month, Anand Mahindra’s reply to a Tweet asking for the launch date of the 2022 Mahindra Scorpio N had left netizens laughing. And now, in a new episode, his reply to a Twitter user asking for a Mahindra car for just Rs 10,000 will make you smile at his wit. On May 16, the business tycoon congratulated the Indian team for winning the Thomas cup and even shared a lesson he learnt  from Kidambi Srikanth. He tweeted:”And here’s a good addition to #mondaythoughts He says the Thomas Cup title was simply ‘Icing on the cake.’ It was the Team Experience that was the real prize! Brilliant. Let’s remember that; in Business and in all of Life.”

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Responding to Anand Mahindra’s Tweet, one Raj Srivastava asked the Chairman of Mahindra Group if he can make cars for Rs 10,000. Quite obviously, making a car for as less as Rs 10,000 is simply impossible and the question Srivastava simply made no sense. But instead of giving a long reply and explaining how it’s impossible to make a car for such a low amount, Mahindra shared a photo of a miniature Mahindra Thar. He wrote: “We’ve done even better; made one for under 1.5K.”

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Not surprisingly, the Twitterati was left in splits on seeing the cheeky response to a rather silly question.

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