One More Tata Nano Fire Accident Near Vadodra


Tata is a reputed car maker and world renowned for introducing the innovative technology in developing the World’s Cheapest Car – The Tata Nano. I personally appreciate Tata for taking up the challenge of making Nano and accomplishing it. But the recent incidents of fire in Tata Nano can not be ignored, it has brought  Nano in a bad light.

Thankfully this time too, nobody got injured in this Nano catching fire accident which took place near Vadodra on National Highway 8.

There was a fleet of 11 Tata Nano cars on its way to the car dealership and one of them caught fire in the rear of the car. This incident seems similar to the Nano Fire Accident In Mumbai last month. The investigations for the previous fire incident are still underway for the last one and another incident has taken place.

There are no official announcement for the root cause of these two fire incidents, however, auto-experts believe that an electrical short-circuit is a possibility behind such incidents. Its high time Tata should do something to prevent such incidents before the impact gets deeper on the minds of potential future buyers, or maybe loss of potential customers.

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  1. TATA MOTORS has to quickly dispel the fear of the owners of NANO ( Iown TATA LX -clocked 2500 kMs) sooner than later .if required no one in TATAS to recall the cars.

  2. I am a nano user but haven’t come across any such problem. I think it is because of the security fittings I got done while purchasing the car. Why don’t all the nano users get this fitting done and enjoy their drive safely.


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