Ashneer Grover Shares Story of Jumping 15 Red Lights on a Vespa in Italy

Bike News » Ashneer Grover Shares Story of Jumping 15 Red Lights on a Vespa in Italy

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In the latest interview, Ashneer Grover shares a hilarious story about how he went to Italy and jumped a number of red lights. He became a popular personality on social media after his appearance on the first season of the reality show Shark Tank India. It is an adaptation of the global show of the same name. On this show, budding entrepreneurs pitch their ideas, companies or products to the sharks seeking investment and the expertise of the Sharks. The first season was immensely successful.

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Ashneer Grover Jumped Red Lights on a Vespa

Ashneer Grover is not part of season 2 of the show. However, he got involved in writing a book. Leveraging his social media following, he advertised his book on various platforms including podcasts with prominent digital media channels. As a part of that series, he is often spotted in various podcasts conducted by YouTubers as well. This clip has been shared by the.real.sharkk handle on Instagram. It took out a clip from a full-fledged podcast where Ashneer shares this story.

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As per the information in this video clip, Ashneer tells that he was once in Italy. He rented a Vespa scooter there which is quite famous. People use two-wheelers to have a trip around the city centres in Europe instead of walking. He recalls that he was quite impressed and happy about riding the scooter as there were no traffic lights in the city at all, at least that is what he thought. However, he was shocked to find out that he had jumped 10-15 traffic lights as he was not paying attention to the road.

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Travellers to Italy Should Keep This in Mind

Actually, he was searching for the traffic lights on the poles on the side of the road as we have in India. However, in Italy, the lights are connected to the wires at a certain height above the road. Since he had no idea about that, he ended up not seeing the lights at all and continued riding his scooter without it. We don’t know what the consequences of that were. In any case, this was a hilarious story and people who might be travelling to a new country could keep this in mind if they plan on driving there.

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