Audi A3 Sedan Officially Reveals On 27th March 2013– Details


Somebody has said right about the success that ‘it is easy to get on top but the difference is to maintain it’.  One must be reading and assuming that what is this all about, but then this all about Audi India. Yes now as we all know that Audi India slowly and gradually became the first love of Indian consumers for not only luxury but also the sports cum luxury cars. The group is on the top and now it is company’s responsibility to maintain the top position in order to remain a heart stealer not only in India but also in the globe.

We predicted and our guess got right about the above written thought that Audi India is on the top and to maintain that charm of the kingship, company is recently developing a new channel, where you can watch this unveiling live on the web, the service is called Audi Media TV, which will be going to make the kingship position of Audi India maintained. Till now the globe was getting the updates and news about the auto king Audi India by various channels and news providers but then scene will be going to change for this on the coming 27th of March. The Audi Media TV will now be going to offer consumers, the online video streaming journalists opening secrets and about Audi press conferences as well as releases.

Audi A3 Sedan

For this change and launch Audi India has a new concept altogether in its mind , but then we came to know by the spy shots available on web net as per the media officials that Audi India would predictably going to launch the channel and the all new Audi A3 model of the series together. By the help of spy pictures for the covered Audi model we came to know that it might be a four or five door car with sports flavor. The car was under cover and though by looking it from outside we guessed that this model of Audi also carries big wheel arches and smaller sporty boot.

By these ideas we would like to know our customers that might be possible this can be the new Audi A3 sedan. If it is so then the magic of the car can be seen in the Shanghai Motor Show, and Audi is counting very high on this model as to beat the Mercedes A, and CLA Class, BMW 1 series and the VolvoV40 Cross Country.