Audi A8 India Launch In December 2010


All German automobile manufacturers existing in India are on a spree to compete against each other since no other brand offers cars in the segments that the Germans offer in. Audi being an equally potent competition to the BMW and Mercedes-Benz is going to launch its flagship Audi A8 in India by December.


The brand has planned to get more aggressive and is eyeing on conquering 30% of the market from the present 18%, with the introduction of new dealerships. By next year the brand will increase its dealership network to 18 and considering launching new models in the country.

Audi A7 Sportback will be the next model which the company wishes to offer to its customers but it will take some time for the car to enter the market since the brand is busy figuring the possibilities of its success.

We do wish Audi to bring in new models and also get a greater share of the market.

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  1. is wishing Audi to bring new models in India. But why cant they wish some manufacturer to bring electric vehicles in India. Audi, BMW, Mercedes are known for performance, quality and pride of ownership. Why the hell are they competing only with petrol and diesel engines.. what about the performance electric motors? when will they bring this?


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