Audi Replaces Mercedes Benz For No.2 Spot In India


For over 15 years, Mercedes-Benz has been in existence in the Indian market and in fact the name Mercedes is now synonymous to luxury car. This German maker has always done great in terms of sales figures as well as its offerings here in India but ever since BMW stepped into the market, the sales have been seriously battered. After the arrival of BMW, once again Mercedes was back on track and was clocking, if not the best, at least appreciable sales.

And then it was the entry of Volkswagen owned Audi brand in to the market which actually hit Mercedes Benz sales hard and unfortunately, as per the latest report, it has replaced Mercedes for the no.2 top luxury car seller spot.

2012 Mercedes C-Class

image – Mercedes C-Class Sedan

Since the year 2009, these three German majors are rivaling each other but BMW has outperformed the two and maintained the first spot while Mercedes beat Audi in sales and retained the second spot. This year for the January to March 2012 period, the story is a little different with BMW selling 2,369 units and retaining the top spot whereas Audi beating Mercedes Benz for the second spot with 2,269 sales. During the same January-March span Mercedes managed to sell 2,130 units only.

2013 Audi A3 seda

image – 2013 Audi A4 sedan

BMW and Audi started their Indian operations at more or less the same time but there was a difference in their approach. While Audi started off slowly, BMW was quite aggressive. In the recent months, Audi has become more aggressive than BMW and has consistently launched at least one product or variant every 6 months.

Going over the sales figures of BMW and Audi, there is a difference of 100 units only which means that Audi is  working on attaining a better pace in terms of sales and marketing activities and who knows Audi may dethrone BMW soon. Audi is all set to bring its Audi A3 sedan into India and the maker is confident that it will improve its sales. Check out more Audi India News here.