Audi Q1- Audi’s New Compact SUV Under Consideration?

Audi, the very popular German major and a part of Volkswagen group, is a known brand both globally and in India and all of its products have shown appreciable growth over the past couple of years. This is reason why the company is keen on bringing new models to the country and that includes the latest Audi A1 and Audi S6. The A series of the brand is much loved here and especially the Audi A4 which recorded highest growth once.

But besides these the brand is also very popular in the SUV segment with a Audi Q5, Audi Q7 and then next one to be launched is Audi Q3. Now the brand is planning to inject another model into the Q line-up and is evaluating its possibilities. After the upcoming Q3 the manufacturer is considering an even smaller compact SUV, Audi Q1. If the plan does work and the company officially announces the same, there is a fair possibility that the Audi A1’s underpinnings will be derived for the Q1.

Audi A1 Sportback Hatchback front

image – Audi A1 Sportsback Front and Side View

This could be a great time to enter this segment as many manufacturers like Toyota, Ford and the likes are giving it a serious thought. Existing cars like Skoda Yeti and Nissan Juke are doing quite good in the international market and based on that only Audi is exploring the potential of the Q1.

Just like BMW launched the BMW X1 and priced it correctly, Audi will also have to price the Q1 very competitively in order to taste success and I hope it will.

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