Bajaj Boxer Re-launch In India In April 2011


With petrol prices rising almost every month, commuter bikes make big sense in Indian market. Bajaj Boxer is one such commuter segment bike from Bajaj Auto which has been known for its high fuel efficiency and low running and maintainece cost. Bajaj Boxer is a 100 CC commuter segment bike which was discontinued by Bajaj in the year 2007. Since then, Bajaj has been focusing more on the 125 CC segment and Pulsar range. Still the largest selling bikes in India are from 100 CC segment. Considering this statistic and potential to make large volumes of sales, Bajaj has decided to re-launch Bajaj Boxer in April 2011. S Sridhar, Bajaj two-wheelers’ chief executive has stated this news while talking to Financial Chronicle publication.

Bajaj Boxer Bike

We will bring you detailed specifications, features and price as soon as its officially announced.

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