Bajaj Discover 125T Launched For Rs. 52,500

Bajaj has been facing tough competition from Honda for the number 2 position in the Indian two wheeler segment and has started a launch spree in earnest. The latest pawn to join the army is the toned down version of the Discover 125ST which has been named the Bajaj Discover 125T and it will cost you Rs.52,500 (ex-showroom price, Delhi). The bike will be slotted between the Discover 125ST and the Discover 100T. The Discover 100T costs Rs.2,000 less whereas the 125ST costs Rs 3,500 more. What this does is that it spoils the customer for choice and we think it’ll lead to the cannibalisation of the 125ST though.


So what is the 125T all about? It is a stripped down version of the 125ST which has been tuned in such a manner that it gives you slightly lesser power but at the same time, gives you a better duel economy. The 125ST’s  mono-suspension now makes way for the conventional gas filled twin shockers at the rear.

The engine has also been played with. Now it gets slightly detuned and produces a maximum power of 12.3 BHP @ 9,000rpm which is 0.5 BHP less than the 125ST. The torque figure however remains the same at 10.8 Nm @ 6,000rpm. The new variant comes with the 125T badge and the suspension of the bike alongside the new badge are the only visual differences.

The standard bike gets drum brakes at the front and rear, the front disc brake variant will cost Rs 3,000 more than the standard variant. At that price point, the 125ST makes a lot more sense as you get a better setup at the cost of the fuel economy. Its a trade off between a way better ride quality and a slight increase in fuel economy. Which bike do you prefer?