Bajaj Renault Nissan Small Car Prototype Testing Will Start Soon


Nissan and Renault will market the Ultra Low Cost or ULC car which will be manufactured by Bajaj and Bajaj will act as an OEM supplier for the small car to complete with Tata Nano in India. The car is already on a delayed track because of some disagreements which existed earlier among the alliance. All the disagreements have been resolved and the car will go in the Prototype testing soon in year 2011.

The car will be branded under the Renault Nissan brands and will be marketed by them. There has been talks of the ULC car being price competitively at a tag of Rs. 1.1 Lakh which may or may not be possible under rising input costs. Another promising thing about the car is the whooping 30 Km to a Litre of mileage claim.

Once the prototype comes to testing and the car comes closer to the real production line, these statistics will become more clear. We are waiting for this to happen along with Maruti Suzuki also planning on Maruti’s Nano competitor car to gain some share from Tata’s pie.