No More Dangerous Stunts In Automobile Advertisements


Ever since the Indian Automobile Sector started introducing powerful and high performance automobiles for its customers, the promotion has also become very influencing with numerous stunts being performed with the projected product.

The advertisements portraying a vehicle with amazing capabilities and maneuverability is considered as a Marketing Strategy which is being undertaken by almost every automobile manufacturer present in the market. Bajaj could be seen as an example, showing off its products capabilities through a series of stunts.

Bajaj Stuntmania

But such stunt performance will no longer remain a part of the advertisements since Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), the regulatory body controlling the advertisement content has changed its advertising code relating to strategies for marketing and will take effect for all vehicle segments.

Alan Collaco, secretary general, ASCI stated “Apart from receiving several complaints from the public, we also saw a sudden increase in two-wheeler advertisements promoting their products’ speed and maneuverability with stunts bordering on dangerous,”

Promoting safe practices like wearing helmets, avoiding talking on cell-phones while driving and fastening seatbelts is what the new advertising code is revised to bring in. Violation of traffic rules showing reckless driving or maneuvers which could harm drivers, public or passengers is also prohibited to be portrayed.

Tarun Chauhan, executive director, Lowe Lintas India and other creative head have a different take on this saying there is no harm in showing stunts as long as the fundamentals are taken care of.

He added “Speed is synonymous with a two-wheeler, but its specifications must be clearly defined. Viewers must be informed that such stunts are performed under expert supervision and comply with traffic laws.”

Now with stricter rules and regulations to be followed we have to see how the automotive firms manage to lure the customers and keep their sales high.

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