This Custom Handmade Royal Enfield Is What Dreams Are Made Of

The aftermarket bike modification industry players have taken their game to a whole new level and this custom handmade Royal Enfield drives that point home.

We bet you have not seen such a custom handmade Royal Enfield in a while even if you keep yourself updated with the aftermarket modification industry. Royal Enfield is an iconic brand that has a loyal fanbase for retro-themed bikes. They don’t generally like to see too many alterations to their bikes and love them as they are. However, if the aftermarket modifications are customised to this level, we bet they could make an exception.

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Custom Handmade Royal Enfield

The images of this handcrafted RE motorcycle seem too good to be true. The overall silhouette represents barebones elegance. The rusty colour palette with retro minimalist design takes you back in time. It resembles the old school chopper theme. This has been conceptualised by TNT Motorcycles and the custom elements on this bike include a vintage girder housing a 21-inch front wheel, vintage high raise handlebars, a saddle with integrated shock absorbers for enhanced ride comfort to tackle the Indian roads, beautifully crafted fuel tank design with distress mud colour with red inserts, hand painted fuel tank, chain guard and electric box.

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The rusty mud colour theme is extended to various parts of the bike including under the saddle and brake discs. The saddle is wrapped using golden bolts that add to the elegance. This colour complements the black pattern on the bike to give it that vintage old school look. The exhaust pipe is neatly wrapped in a brown theme with the black raised tip toward the rear. The bike has been named ‘Born Free’ conceptualizing the philosophy of letting your art flow freely. Delhi-based TNT Motorcycles are famous for designing unique iterations of popular bikes and are one of the top bike modification houses in the country.

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The avid bike modification lovers would appreciate this level of professionalism and enthusiasm toward designing custom motorcycles. Let us know your feelings about this custom handmade Royal Enfield.

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