BMW 520d India Launched – Price Rs. 36.9 Lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi


BMW has finally launched the BMW 5 series sedan BMW 520d in India. The new sedan comes at a smaller price tag compared to the 525d. This sedan is powered by a 2 Liter CRDI Diesel engine with a max power of 185 BHP and a torque of massive 350 Nm. It’s an  automatic transmission drive for ultimate comfort and filled with latest gadgetry and lots of boot space for your luggage needs. This is the most affordable 5 Series sedan in India by BMW as of now which will probably be the selling point of this car in India.


For more details, check out –

BMW 520d India Detailed Specifications Features

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  1. Only 185 BHP for BMW 5 series? Hopelessly powerless after spending 37L.
    It wont be able to beat even Honda Accord in 0-100kmph race.

  2. It is not about drag race I know but BMW 5 series is positioned as Luxury + sports sedan. For 185HP, it is going to be no fun to drive (and I am writing from experience BTW. Driven 4/6 cylinder Accord and 6-Cylinder Audi A4 BTW). No one will ever buy any BMW 5 series without at least a 6-cylinder engine in any other country. Basically, driving experience BMW 5 series with 185BHP will be no better than an Accord or Camry. Tough to believe some one will spend 38L on that.

  3. Thanks for the explanation. I think there exists a big group of people who will find the 2L turbodiesel engine more than adequate for their daily commute. Otherwise there’s always the 525d and 530d. B M W…Brilliant Marketing Wizards! No money…no honey!


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