A BMW Which Can Drive On Its Own! Well Almost


For a couple of years car manufacturers have been working on innovative technologies which will not only lessen driving effort but will also make cars lot more safer by avoiding accidents in every possible situation. One of the best ways to incorporate such qualities in a car is by authorizing the control completely to a computer.

With the recent advancements in computer technologies, now the same can be used to control vehicles also. So far manufacturers like Volvo, Audi ,Volkswagen etc. have already tried the same as concepts and recently BMW was also found testing the same. A BMW 5 Series sedan with autonomous technology was seen testing on the Munich to Nuremberg road in Germany.


This semi-automatic system has been designed for the future intelligent vehicles which will soon start arriving in the global markets. Designed by engineers from Highly Automated Driving Group, the system is capable of taking over cars during traffic jams and also help in case the driver suddenly loses his or her capability. With the help of radar, lidar, ultrasound, video and highly detailed GPS maps to sense the vehicle’s position relative to its surroundings, BMW’s system becomes a well equipped machine which could be of great help in the near future.

The prototype is capable of maintaining its pace in slower as well as fast moving traffic. The only problem experienced so far is when the system is supposed to handle oncoming traffic where it slows down the speed of the vehicle and gets into a lane instead of continuing at a constant speed on the road.

German government’s SmartSenior Initiative has also funded an emergency stop assistant where the it detects the driver’s inability to continue driving, in case of medical emergency, and takes over the control to bring the car safely to a stop and then calling emergency services.

Project manager Nico Kampchen said, “After a few minutes of experiencing the smooth, sovereign and safe driving style, drivers and passengers begin to relax somewhat and trust the independent system. Nevertheless, the driver is still responsible for the situation at all times and must constantly keep an eye on traffic and the surroundings.”

The system is impressive and also helpful in certain conditions and we really look forward to advancements in the same.

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