Breaking- BMW Efficient Dynamics India Concept Unveiled in New Delhi


BMW India has today unveiled the BMW efficient Dynamics Hybrid car in India. The car delivers a mileage of 26.5 km/litre of Diesel with top speed of 250 KMPH. The Electric Diesel Hybrid BMW Efficient Dynamics car can run purely on diesel, purely on battery or on both at the same time. It has got a 3 Cylinder Diesel engine and two electric motors. BMW has been developing and improving the Efficient Dynamics by its consistent research in last 20 years. The Efficient Dynamics series of cars contain technologies which are aimed at increasing the Driving pleasure as well as the  performance at the same time.

BMW Vision Efficientdynamics


The CO2 emissions of this car are very low- as low as 50g of CO2 per Km on electric mode and 99g when on hybrid mode. The optimized combination of a highly efficient 3 Cylinder CRDI Diesel engine with two independent electric motors helps to achieve this great performance of the car.

Heavy Industry Minister Mr. Praful Patel unveiled the car in a ceremony in New Delhi today. The car is still in concept stage and is expected to launch in India by 2013. The aim of unveiling this car is to display the technical competency and display the eco-friendly performance efforts of BMW in India. With the fuel prices shooting through the roof, these kind of cars make a lot of sense for India. Although the price of the car when its launched in India in 2013, it may not be an affordable car for most of  the Indian buyers.

On this occasion, Praful Patel quoted:

BMW and German automobile engineering has truly demonstrated that they have best of technology, design, fuel efficiency and eco-friendly cars which the whole world needs. In country like India, we will need better technologies in years to come and this car has the technology which way the automobile technology is headed towards in future.

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