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BMW i3 Electric Car Launch In India Possible

BMW recently added a new sub-brand BMW I to its subsidiary list and the most unique thing about the new brand is that all its work, dedication, effort and research is aimed at manufacturing futuristic electric vehicles which will have least impact on the environment and still be effortless and comfortable. The initial line-up presented by the sub-brand includes two cars of which one is a small car while the other a sedan.

Named as BMW i3 and BMW i8, the cars look very futuristic and full of innovations but what draws our interest is the BMW i3 small car which is being speculated to be launched in India in the coming years.

With the recent announcement made by the government on tax rebate being offered on electric vehicles including cars and scooters, the possibility of BMW-I coming to India have been enhanced. Another reason is the recent success of BMW in India after selling appreciable number of units last year and even overtaking Mercedes-Benz.

In fact according to sources, a senior official of BMW has been quoted saying that if the demand is adequate in our market, the German automaker might consider bringing the electric sub-brand to India. Moreover the vehicles themselves are designed to sustain in almost every Global market so there would be no issues modifying them to suit ours.

The ‘LifeDrive’ architecture on which the i3 is based is very promising as it not only provides an increased range per charge but superior driving dynamics as well. Both the above benefits come from the aluminum chassis and the innovative use of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic together. Technically the car is expected to sport a heart which would produce an impressive output of 150 to 170 BHP and will have a range of nearly 100 miles.

We now can’t wait to see it entering the Indian shores since once it gets launched other manufacturers would also come up with their innovative electric cars and then only the real competition would begin.