BMW India Overtakes Mercedes Benz India In Sales


BMW has overtaken Mercedes Benz India in sales of luxury cars. With a sales figure of over 6246 luxury cars sold in the year 2010 compared to the total number of cars sold by Mercedes Benz which stands at 5819, BMW is India’s number 1 luxury car maker. This is second time in a row, year 2009 and year 2010 when BMW has let Mercedes behind in sales numbers. These two brands are usually neck to neck with each other and the difference between the sales numbers however is not very high. To mark this success story for BMW, the BMW 3 Series and BMW 5 Series have played a major role with sales number of 2432 and 2403 cars respectively which accounts for a total of about 77% of the total BMW cars sold in India in the year 2010.

The total increase in the sales of BMW cars in India compared to the sales in the year 2009 has been 73% which is a phenomenal growth in sales for a luxury car maker in a price sensitive economy like India. This sales growth has been responsible for the expansion in production at BMW India plants.


The total sales count od the BMW cars in India in the year 2010 are as follows :

  • BMW 3 Series – 2432
  • BMW 5 Series – 2403
  • BMW 6 Series  – 12
  • BMW 7 Series – 535
  • BMW X1 – 187
  • BMW X3  – 28
  • BMW X5  – 228
  • BMW X6  – 189
  • BMW Z4 –  82
  • BMW Gran Turismo – 150
  • Total Cars Sold – 6246

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