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BMW Might Soon be Launching an M Range of Motorcycles!

According to a media report, BMW has filed some trademark applications which suggest that BMW could be developing a new M range of motorcycles.

BMW Motarrad might be introducing a new M model range for some of its motorcycles. According to a media report, BMW has filed some trademark application which suggests such a development. The M brand for BMW represents their motorsport division and performance cars. Any car with the M badge usually has turned out to be quite special.

BMW might soon be launching an M range of motorcycles!

As of yet, its not exactly known as to how these M motorcycles might be different than the standard model though. An M range of models for BMW’s motorcycles could possibly imply the most hardcore, performance oriented motorcycles with more features and hi-tech electronics than the regular models. According to the report, the trademark filings suggests the names of three new bikes – M 1000 RR, M 1000 XR as well as M 1250 GS.

Now BMW has three broad categories under which they like to classify their motorcycles. There’s the G line which includes the single-cylinder motorcycles like the BMW G 310 R and the BMW G 310 GS. Then there are the multi-cylinder in-line engines which have been classified under the S and the K series. Further, there are the boxer twin models under the R name.

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Now the parallel twin models like the BMW F 750 GS and the BMW F 850 GS are bunched under the F name. The suffix letters that the names carry usually represents the type of the motorcycle, for example GS represents the adventure and all-terrain type of bikes while the R in the S 1000 RR stands for racing.

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There is no clarity on whether the trademark filings for the M line will just mean a top-spec model of the motorcycle with an M package or if BMW is developing a completely new M range of motorcycles. The S 1000 RR currently comes with an M edition, saving some weight with some carbon fibre wheels and painting the motorcycle with BMW M sport livery of white, blue and red. But that’s as far as the M division has delved. Going by the M brand’s standards, we sure would love to see some dedicated M spec motorcycles from BMW though.