BMW R1200GS and S1000RR Motorcycles Official Price In India


BMW has revealed the official price of its Motorcycles BMW R1200GS and BMW S1000RR in India. The price is way above the expectations that we had related to these bikes. We were expecting these performance Motorcycles in India with a price tag of up to Rs. 15 Lakhs, but the real price is really astonishingly high!

The BMW R1200GS and S1000RR price in India is Rs. 19 Lakhs in Mumbai and Rs. 23 Lakhs in Bangalore! Well, for this price, you can afford a decent luxury sedan in India. This pricing makes us feel that BMW is not looking for much volumes of sales of these Motorcycles in India, as at these prices, these bikes are more targeted to create a brand’s presence in this segment. However, the die hard Beemers  (with loads of money at their disposal) who love BMW bikes would anyways go for it!



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