BMW X3-M Launch In India With Tri-Turbo 450 BHP Power !


BMW is growing fast in India with the sedans and SUV which are priced right for the segment which they are placed in. Also the performance and efficiency of BMW cars is leading in its segments. BMW X1 is one of the examples of successful products by BMW in India. BMW X3 SUV from BMW will undergo a power boost with the new “M” in it. The M5 concept of BMW looks like the inspiration behind a powerful SUV BMW X3-M.


The X3-M will feature a three stage turbo-charger in the 3.2 Litre petrol engine which will boost it powers to amazing 450 BHP ! There is no word about the timeline of the launch of BMW X3-M as of now, but it is expected to debut in 2012 in India. The X3-M may create a new segment in terms of power delivery of the SUV, to give you a perspective, the X3 produces 240 BHP of power with its 3 Litre petrol engine, and X3M- will deliver 450 BHP with a 3.2 tri-turbo engine.

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