LAUNCHED: The “Affordable” BMW X5 Expedition At Rs 64.9 Lakh


BMW has added a more affordable sibling to the recently launched X5 with the new five-seater X5 Expedition. The new X5 offers value for money and is almost Rs. 6 Lakh cheaper than the X5 launched a few months ago. A massive selling point in the recently launched X5 was the kind of features and specs it packed in a package called the Design Pure Experience. So obviously the BMW X5 Expedition has to cut down on these features so as to accomodate the lighter price tag but that’s not all, the base variant of the expedition also does away with the entire third row that we had in the regular X5 thereby making it a five-seater as stated earlier. So lets go through the BMW X5 Expedition to see what else got chopped off from the drawing board to make this affordable dream a reality.



The BMW X5 Expedition is priced at a respectable Rs. 64.9 Lakh, ex-showroom

Features & Specifications:

The BMW X5 Expedition gets bi-xenon headlamps instead of adaptive LED units, also there are no LED fog lamps to be seen. It does not get titanium moulding on the bumpers and tailpipe finished in matt silver. The kidney grille also loses out on titanium finish.

Inside, the Expedition gets a toned down music system with 9 speakers instead of the 16 speaker Harman Kardon unit in the Pure Experience X5. Navigation console DVD with integrated hard drive and the 26cm display screen are also off the list. Instead, the Expedition X5 gets a 16.5cm display with CD drive. This new entry level variant also loses out on the launch control function.

But the long list of safety features, the panoramic sunroof, 4-way climate control  are all part of the more affordable X5.

Coming back to what else is missing, BMW has removed paddle shifters, electric lumbar support and the third row seats from the Expedition pack. The third row in all fairness will be missed only by the 12 year-olds in your house with a majority preferring this 5-seater variant.


The Expedition X5 has the same in-line six-cylinder 3.0-litre engine developing 260 BHP of power and 560 Nm of torque.

Market Competitors:

Our Take:

Lets not beat around the bush and feign amazement at the BMW X5 Expedition. BMW has done a commendable job in bringing down the price by almost 9% from the value of the Design Pure Experience and it is an obvious attempt from the Germans to expand their base in the segment, rivaling the Mercedes-Benz M-Class and the Audi Q7.


But think about it, BMW like their German counterparts in the country are know for the features and exclusivity they bring to your driving experience. That is lacking in the Expedition when you look at it from the point of view of the customers base they already have, I don’t know many people, who for a difference of Rs 5 Lakh (keeping in mind they are already spending Rs 65 Lakh), would want a vehicle with drastically toned down features. Looking at it from the other side of the spectrum, the person who may not have Rs 70 Lakh to spend on a vehicle may struggle to cough up the reduced amount too while on the other hand when he can get a Pajero Sport or a Ford Endeavour for under Rs 25 Lakh both loaded in their own respect. So this person may not want to venture out of this price segment.

Hence BMW may struggle to make their existing customers/fans go in for this while reaching out to a customer base of a different income bracket also seems unlikely.

On the whole a bold move from BMW and we applaud them for that. And if by any chance you were Rs.5 lakh short of owning the X5, your prayers have been answered otherwise the BMW X5 Expedition may have a tough ride ahead.

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