BMW X6 SUV Is Now A 5 Seater


BMW X6 is one mean machine which incorporates the design cues of a sedan and an SUV resulting in a beautiful product which is considerably looked upon by potential buyers who demand unmatched power along with appreciable road presence.

The car inspite of its good design and quality failed to taste success prominently because of its low mileage and expensive pricing. Though it is immensely attractive at its presence as well as performance yet it lacked the practicality of a good car.

BMW X6 5 -Seater

For as long as 2 years after BMW officially introduced this car, it was being sold mainly as a 4-seater but as we mentioned above the practicality was not there and the company probably gave it a thought and understood the need of one more accommodation.

BMW x6 5-seater

Yes you have calculated it right, the number of seats ha been increased by unity and now the car will be sold as a 5-seater SUV but only in USA and is expected to be seen in the Indian market soon. All the models in the US will feature an additional seat except top of the line Active Hybrid variant.


We guess that increasing the seat count wouldn’t affect the buyer’s mind much since if one is going to spend nearly a crore on a vehicle he/she would hardly consider any such issue big enough and now that BMW has done it, it is definitely appreciated

BMW X6 SUV Specifications In India

Model 2010 BMW X6 M
Power train Twin turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8
EPA fuel economy 6 kmpl city/9 kmpl highway
Navigation Standard hard-drive-based system with live traffic
Bluetooth phone support Standard
Disc player Standard MP3 compatible single in-dash CD; optional six disc CD/DVD changer
MP3 player support Optional iPod integration
Other digital audio USB drive port, satellite radio, HD radio, internal hard drive
Audio system Optional 600-watt amplifier, 16 speakers
Driver aids Optional head-up display, rear-view camera, top-down camera