Chevrolet Beat Diesel Official Website Launched- Some Details Revealed

The rising price of petrol is bothering the whole Indian automobile fraternity and and now the focus is on developing the best CRDI diesel engines. While most of the manufacturers have already stepped into the diesel segment, the remaining are busy allocating their resources and plan to enter soon. Whether its Volkswagen, Ford or Honda, all will come up with diesel variants of their cars soon.

Ford has officially announced of their future diesel plans and Volkswagen also hinted of their focus on upcoming diesel models. General Motors which is another popular brand in the country with a successful sub-brand like Chevrolet has started concentrating on diesel cars and to begin with the Chevrolet Beat Diesel small car website has been launched.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel

The website explains the new engine technology called SMARTECH and lists all the features of it which are as follow.

  • Advanced engine design, engineering & packaging.
  • Combination of features and engine components package that provides improved performance.
  • Significant improvement in NVH characteristics of the engine leading to more comfortable driving experience.
  • Smart engine design and technology that provides optimum fuel efficiency in varied driving conditions.
  • Higher low end torque delivery for improved driving experience in stop and go traffic conditions.
  • Rigorously tested & proven in extreme Indian road and climatic conditions.

So to begin with, the all new SMARTECH diesel engine is what GM is betting for and it will be offered with the Chevrolet Beat Diesel soon. GM’s Talegaon plant has an annual capacity of 1.6 Lakh units and more interestingly the assembly line can deliver petrol and diesel engine simultaneously. So with this capability, the production of both types at the same time will not be an issue for the brand.

Updated on 25 July 2011

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