Chevrolet India Will Increase Car Prices Again !


Chevrolet India is doing good sales in India with the competitively priced cars like Chevrolet Beat and Chevrolet Spark which are a great value cars for the price segment. Many consumers consider initial cost of a car as a primary factor for their buying decision especially in small cars, which largely favors Chevrolet cars in India. Another thing which favors the sales of Chevrolet is the three years free maintenance offer which is rarely offered on any other small car in India.In January 2011, Chevrolet increased its car prices by about 2%, as a matter of fact, most car makers of India increased prices during that duration. But its been only couple of months since the last price hike and General Motors India is already considering another price hike.


General Motors India Vice-President P Balendran, while talking to media quoted:

“We may consider increasing prices again for the second time this year if prices of raw materials continue to increase.The increasing input cost is now the biggest concern for auto makers. We will review the situation (cost of raw materials) by this month-end and will take a call by early next month.”

This is certainly a good news for the upcoming buyers of Chevrolet cars and will hit the sales of Chevrolet cars India. Lets wait and watch until any hikes are announced. We hope that even if they decide for a hike, it will not be a major one.

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