General Motors India Engines On Sale For Other Car Makers


General Motors once had enjoyed the place of the world’s largest manufacturer with over 25 brands under it then and even today with only 7 subsidiaries left, it manages to retain the spot for the world’s seconds largest automobile manufacturer after Toyota. Whether its racing or passenger or commercial vehicles, the American manufacturer has always proved itself in front of the masses with the technological innovations it brought along.

As far as the Indian Automobile market is concerned, the brand’s strategy of launching Chevrolet all alone has done a tremendous work and brought stand to it. Lately the company opened a facility at Talegaon having a capacity of 3 lakh units per annum and is capable of producing engines in displacement range from 1 Liter to 1.5 Liter.


The news is that this plant is expected to produce engines for other car markers who are interested enough. This is supposed to be a very important move as it would drastically improves the company’s profits.

As reported by Business Standard, GM India President and MD Karl Slym said, “I have always been open and I am happy to buy or sell engines as long as it makes business sense to partners. So we are open to sell our engines to anybody.”

The localization of the new SMARTEC engine, which comes with Chevrolet Beat has been successfully done while the new 1.0 Liter CRDI diesel engine could be launched anytime soon. So now it is to be seen whether the engines for sale approach works for this automobile giant or not.

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