Will the Upcoming Citroen C3 XL Rival Kia Seltos?

The spy images of the Citroen C3 XL have been doing rounds on the internet and the SUV could rival the Kia Seltos. The French carmaker is strategically positioning itself in the market in order to gain more traction. Its first product was the C5 Aircross which recently received a facelift. That SUV is catered toward the premium end of the spectrum and the aim is to showcase how luxurious Citroen SUVs can get. On the other end of the stick is the C3, which is a sub-compact SUV targeting the mass market. This next product could fit between the two.

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Spy Images of Citroen C3 XL
Spy Images of Citroen C3 XL

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Citroen C3 XL Spotted – Seltos Rival?

In the visuals, the SUV is seen heavily camouflaged. At the front though, the typical split-LED headlamp setup is evident. The LED DRLs are positioned on the bonnet, while the main headlights are placed down on the bumper reminiscent of the other Citroen SUVs. Since these are the test mules, they are running the black steel rims and not alloys. The images also show the C3 XL parked next to the regular C3 indicating the longer dimensions. It is also seen next to the Seltos, looking almost comparable begging the question of whether it could be a mid-size SUV.

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There are a few reports that suggest that this longer version of the C3 could also come with the 7-seat arrangement. If that is so, it would make things really interesting since that could put it in the category of something like a Maruti Ertiga. However, these are still rumours and nothing is confirmed by Citroen yet. With time, we will get to know more details of what Citroen plans to do with this new SUV.

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Citroen C3

The regular C3 comes powered by two engine options – a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder NA petrol and a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine. The former churns out 82 hp and 115 Nm, while the latter develops 110 hp and 190 Nm of peak power and torque respectively. There are options of 5-speed MT and 6-speed MT. Considering the size of this camouflaged SUV, we could expect the turbo petrol with higher power output to propel it. However, we will need to wait a bit longer to get the official update on the powertrain and prices.

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