CNG Prices May Increase By Rs. 2 Per Kg In India


Another new year gift, an unwanted gift in the series of price increases could be the increase in the price of CNG for automobiles in India. There is already a pending decision on the revision of petrol prices in India by Rs. 1 Per litre which will be decided on 31st of December 2011. There are news from sources and media which report that the prices of the CNG may also go up for the same reason, the depreciating Rupee.


image – CNG Car

The sad part is that it will not only affect the CNG car owners, but will also adversely affect the Auto Rickshaw and CNG cab drivers. Also the CNG buses in Metro Cities may increase their fare which will make public transport costlier affair and will put additional burden on already burdened common man in India. The inflation, high interest rates, food inflation etc. are already creating a lot of problems in the life of common people of India. We hope there is no or minimal increase in the prices.

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