Datsun Go Takes on Renault Kwid in Drag Race in South Africa

Featured » Datsun Go Takes on Renault Kwid in Drag Race in South Africa

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Datsun Go and Renault Kwid are entry-level products in the South African market which makes this drag race event quite intriguing indeed.

Here is an interesting drag race event between a Datsun Go and Renault Kwid. These automobiles are designed to be extremely practical, cost-effective and robust for daily driving scenarios. The price-conscious market of South Africa is a perfect market for both these vehicles. Both these have small engines and practical cabins with basic features. But what happens when these are pitted against one another on a drag strip? Let us find out!

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Datsun Go vs Renault Kwid – Drag Race

The video has been uploaded by on YouTube. This channel is a prominent automobile reviewer in South Africa. This time around, they decided to conduct a drag race between these two budget cars. For this, the host has got his colleague in the Renault Kwid while he gets behind the wheel of the Datsun Go. Now, Datsun Go is no longer available in South Africa which is why they have to go through quite a struggle to arrange it. Nevertheless, it is here and ready to compete with the Kwid as the countdown for the first round begins.

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As soon as the race commences, the Kwid launches forward with great force leaving the Go lagging behind. Throughout the course of the race, the Go was never able to catch the Kwid. In fact, the gap between the two kept growing as the race progressed. For the second round, the start was much closer as the two vehicles remained side-by-side briefly. Soon after, however, the Kwid again pulled itself way ahead of the Go and emerged as an undisputed champion of this drag race.

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Specs Comparison

Interestingly, the Datsun Go has the larger 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine that makes 57 kW and 107 Nm, while the Kwid comes with a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder engine that makes 50 kW and 91 Nm of peak power and torque. Although the Kwid is slightly low on power and torque, its overall weight is a whopping 90 kg less than the Go. Additionally, the weight of the host in Go is significantly more than his colleague in the Kwid. All these factors tilted the scales in Kwid’s favour as it came out of the top in this drag race.

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