Diesel Cars Get Costlier In Delhi By Up To 2.5%


Delhi Government has implemented its proposed increase on registration tax on Diesel vehicles in Delhi. As per the newly implemented policies, different kind of Diesel vehicles which attract different registration tax will now attract about 25% more taxes. The overall cost of the Diesel cars in Delhi will go up by up to 2.5%. As per the new rates, the Diesel cars which were in 4% registration tax slab will not attract 5% registration tax. The cars in 7% slab will now attract 8.75% tax, while the cars which were in 10% slab will not attract 12.5 % registration tax on the value of the car.


Since the petrol prices are sky rocketing in India, the demand for diesel cars have gone up very significantly adding to pollution levels as Diesel cars in India are slightly more polluting in their emission levels in general. This has give the Government a reason to suppress the demand of diesel vehicles by increasing the effective cost by hiking tax. The new tax rated will increase the pries of small cars by around Rs. 5,000 while the mid size and large cars will cost around Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000 more now. This additional burden will be borne by the buyers and will mean increased revenue for the state government.

One thing is clear, that with the inflation rates, fuel prices and such hikes in taxes, the commuting for a common man is not going to be any cheaper. We hope to see some positive ray of hope to put some cheerful sentiments into the Indian auto industry which is trying to cope up with the current economic situation.

via – ET

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