Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 New Model Compared With Old Model- What Is New In Yamaha R15 New Model 2011?


Today we reported you with the live coverage of the launch event from New Delhi on the Yamaha R15 bike launch. The new Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 is an upgraded version of the old Yamaha R15 which was introduced in India in the year 2008. The new version of Yamaha R15 comes with same engine and specifications, but has changed majorly on the built, aesthetics, features and performance. In this article, we will share with you exclusive pictures, an exclusive walk around video and details of What is new in the Yamaha R15 Versions 2.0 over the previous Yamaha R15?

Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Walk Around Video

Changes In New Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Compared To Old Yamaha R15

There are many subtle changed and many drastic changes in the new Yamaha R15 which are explained below:

Split Seats

The new seats are split into the front and the rear seat and make the new R15 much more sporty and attractive.

LED Tail Light

The lamp with LED is not only visually appealing, its also consumes less power from battery and has got better visibility because of high efficiency for LED lights.

RR Frame Change

The frame of the new R15 has been improved for better strength, stability and sturdiness.

Mud Splash / Tyre Hugger Angle and Width

The new Tyre hugger now is more wide and covers the tyre very closely which looks more sporty and is better in terms of functionality as well.

Exhaust Muffler Angle and Protector

Exhaust muffler is now better angles and protected from water and dirt being more tilted. Also the Muffler protector is better quality and looks more appealing.

Wider Tyres

The rear tyre is 130/70 R17 up from 100/80 R17 and front tyre is 90/80 R17 up from 80/90 R17 which helps to give the new R15 better control and stability.

Larger Disk Brake At Rear

Larger Disk brakes ensure better braking efficiency, lower stopping distance and improved safety.

New Aluminium Swing Arm With Reduced Weight

The aluminum swing arm helps to retain the required strength with reduced weight and provides better corrosion resistance.

Mid Cowl Has Changed

The engine cowl has been aesthetically enhanced and looks cooler.

Dual Horn

Wider Front Tyre

It Gives better road grip and control.

New Alloy Wheels

New Alloy Wheels Look Sporty

Improved Head Lamps

Fuel Tank Design

Improved Front Box Frame

Improved Riding Position and Ergonomics

Improved Suspensions Settings

What Has Not Changed In Yamaha R15 Version 2.0 Compared To Old Yamaha R15

What has not changed drastically is:

Same engine with same power and torque figures

The engine of R15 is one of the best power to displacement ratio engines in this segment, so it has not been changed.

Branding and Logo

The branding, logo and appearance of graphics etc. has not been tweaked to keep the brand image going strong.

Front Visor and Frontal Appearance

The Front Visor and appearance have not changed drastically, keeping the iconic shape and identity going on.

Front Disk Brakes

The front disk brake was already large and has got good braking efficiency, so it has not been changed.

Overall Visual Appearance

From the overall appearance, the Yamaha R15 still looks the same sporty machine which easily stands apart from the other bikes in 150 CC segment. The pricing has also not changed much keeping it in almost same price bracket.

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  1. WOOOT!! Time and Tide waits for me !!!
    This is wat i expected ! other than R125 Rumours
    im gonna book this week from my first earning money !

  2. yamaha alwys rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i love u yamaha no wrds 2 sy ur trmnds ,trdcls, godgs,trsrble nd unblvble yamaha keep gng ………..

  3. gift from my father ALL NEW YAMAHA YZF R15 VERSION 2.0
    getting this bike next month faadu bike hai yaar.

  4. I think despite of improving the old version of R15 into a new one.they didnt enhance it’s ground clearance. Which makes me still to dislike it a lilltle. Yamaha should work on this.

  5. hey guys this is one of the most awesome cosmetic change done for an supercool bike like R15…. but ill regret now that i bought ma R15 long back wen it was released…. hmmm but neways its still an R15, always the hot chik bike n i looooovvvveeee it………

  6. Rejvi
    yes u can modify even more radius capable tyres… But ur mileage gets messed up even more better….

  7. I have new Yamaha r15 version 2.0. Really guys its a amazing bike. On high way gives you feel like a sports bike with good pick up and speed. I have crossed 136 kmp speed with my sexy Yamaha r15.
    Yamaha, I need more powerful bike. I am looking for Yamaha r6. I want to know how much price in Delhi and when it will be launch.

  8. Is it yamaha stops double seat r15??
    Again launch single seat!!!!
    Double seat is better plz don’t do this


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