Duster Sells 29% More Than EcoSport In Brazil In November 2012


Renault Duster has been the only car which could manage to give the Renault brand a strong footing in India where the price conscious buyers try to get the maximum from the product they are buying. Duster is currently the alone warrior in the compact SUV segment in India but soon is bound to face tough competition from Ford EcoSport which is expected to change Ford’s fortunes in India.

Automobile markets like India and Brazil are quite similar and companies try to capitalize on these markets by producing low cost cars. Now the Duster and EcoSport have been fighting for quite a while in Brazil to prove their supremacy and the Duster has just inched ahead when it comes to the sales against the EcoSport. The Duster sold 4,685 units in November in relation to the EcoSport’s 3,633 units which is about 29% more.

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Renault Duster Vs Ford EcoSport

The Brazil spec Duster and the EcoSport come in petrol guise. When first launched, the EcoSport garnered a lot of volumes and left the Duster behind. But that lead soon died down once the hype around the initial days of the car died down. This is because the Duster offers a car that can serve your needs well than the EcoSport as the EcoSport is going to be facing a tough competition when it reaches Indian shores.


Interestingly, in Brazil, the Duster is priced at BRL 50,900 ad the EcoSport 53,490. In India, the EcoSport is going to be priced under the Duster because of the chunky duty the government does not charge as the car is under 4 meters in length. EcoSport has a slightly weaker engine than the Duster and the pricing will be the key when the car is launched in India. We’ve already brought you spy shots of the EcoSport being tested in India and the launch should happen come February 2013. We wish that Ford does well and does not repeat the pricing mistake it made with the all new Fiesta.

The Duster is already clocking good sales in India and it has given Ford India a reason to bring the EcoSport to Indian roads as quickly as possible. The early mover advantage enjoyed by Renault is really bothering Ford and Ford has its cards close to its chest as it is going to play the pricing card to topple Duster’s popularity. Only time will tell where the battle will settle.

Source : Best selling cars blog via ICB