Electric Cars With Swappable Batteries For Quick Replacement With Fully Charged Batteries Launched In Australia


Its been long since automobile manufacturers across the globe started considering other resources of energy, which pollute the environment less, for a better and cleaner future and the most common problem that these innovators always come across is of a good filling station network. Whether its an electric vehicle which needs charging station or a Hydrogen Fuel cell vehicle demanding hydrogen fuel filling stations, the “station” part is common and in order to see a technology being accepted globally, a vast infrastructure is needed.

Talking only about electric vehicles powered by batteries, the range up to which a car can travel on one full charge defines the success of the same and we all know that a typical electric car battery lasts only for a few kilometers. Even if one crawls to a nearby charging station with a soon to be dead car, he or she would have to wait for a couple of hours for the battery to get fully charged. Importantly the charging isn’t as convenient as filling petrol, diesel or CNG to a car.


The latest viable concept in the electric vehicle world is of swappable batteries. Renault in collaboration with Better Place (a firm dealing with all sorts of EV solutions) is working on the same in countries like Denmark & Israel, and Australians are the next ones to get the same technology soon. The French major will introduce Renault Fluence Z.E. to Canberra, where Better Place is providing battery swap stations in order to help the technology get going.

The reason for choosing Australia as the next destination is the fact that the country is pretty big and people there commute a lot, on a regular basis. Company believes that for this technology, actual limits will be tested here in the new country. Thierry Koskas, Renault’s VP for electric vehicles, said,

We think Fluence Z.E., together with Better Place switch stations, will be a very attractive offer for Australian customers, who traditionally commute long distances,

With these new stations people could swap the batteries conveniently in the same time as filling a car with gas. By mid 2012 the car will be made available and buyers will have to subscribe with Better Place, dedicated to providing a home charger and public infrastructure and swap station accessibility.

Better Place Australia boss Evan Thornely said,

We’re giving Australian drivers access to fully electric cars and a ubiquitous charge network that presents a real alternative to the tyranny of petrol prices.

We wish the concept to be successful so that in the coming years we do similar concepts under implementation in India.

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