HUGE FASTag Scam Caught Live On Camera – VIDEO

FASTag is meant to enhance your convenience and save time on toll plazas. However, some people are running scams in that name.

A FASTag scam has been caught live on camera in Nainital. Now, the purpose of FASTag is to save a ton of time by not standing in a long queue at various toll plazas across the country. It used to be done manually which took a lot of time and there were chances of human errors as well. The government introduced the concept of FASTags to improve the overall efficiency of traffic on Indian roads. It must also be understood that apart from saving time for the personal commuters, it also reduces the time for the freight and commercial vehicles which affects the functioning of transport a lot. In the grand scheme of things, a more efficient transport system contributes to the economy greatly. But what happens if people misuse it for personal gains and run scams? Well, let us find out.

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FASTag Scam Caught on Camera

This is a video by a famous YouTuber on the way to Nainital. She has been driving on the highway for a long time and has already paid a ton of tolls on the way. However, after reaching this toll plaza locally named Zoya, she encounters an issue. The boom barrier doesn’t open up. The officials at the toll plaza take out the scanner to carry out the process manually. It is quite common to perform this manually with the hand-held scanners when the main scanner doesn’t read your FASTag for some reason. But in this case, the worker at the toll tells the owner of the car that there is some error. The scanner still doesn’t read the FASTag. This made the YouTuber quite suspicious as to what was going on. She was filming all this for her YouTuber video. She told the men there that there is no problem with her FASTag and also showed the receipt of all the previous tolls where she paid the money.

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FASTag Scam Caught Camera

Later on, she also told that one of the guys went behind the car while doing something on his phone. Moments later, he approached the car owner and told her that her FASTag balance is 0. Now, this is a complete scam. The YouTuber showed him her phone which read that there was more than enough balance in her FASTag wallet. When things started to escalate, the toll plaza staff realized that everything is being recorded on the camera, they came and scanned the tag from inside and told the YouTuber to go. Now, this is a complete scam where they pretend that their scanners are not working and take money from the users. Later on, you will realise the money has been deducted from the FASTag as well. The administration should take cognizance of these things and punish the guilty party.

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