Fiat Bravo Premium Hatchback India Launch Possible


In India where every car manufacturer believes in extracting maximum possible sales from the market, some do think quite differently and one such brand is Fiat. The company has not been able to get enough sales during the past months but still the same is now planning to introduce another model soon. From the hatchback or small car category, it’s the world renowned Fiat Bravo.

The company has always been known for its top notch engineering and innovations and with the above car we can expect some such technologies to be offered. Fiat Bravo as being reported, will not be assembled or manufactured in India, instead it will be imported as a CBU unit.


This car again will not be targeted to get enormous sales but to build a better brand portfolio in India. Fiat Bravo will feature a 2 wheel drive system and will be available in both MPFI petrol and CRDi diesel options. The diesel seems to be most promising one of all the available resources and that’s why Fiat, alike other manufacturers, is working on making diesel engines more efficient than before.


Technically the car is expected to be available in one petrol and one diesel variant which are as below:

  • A 1.9 Litre CRDi Diesel variant capable of delivering a 150 BHP of maximum power at 4000 RPM and peak torque of 305 Nm
  • A 1,4 Litre T-Jet MPFI petrol variant delivering 120 BHP at 5000 RPM and peak torque of 206 Nm at 1750 RPM.

All the above models coupled with a 6 speed manual transmission system.

Dimension Of Fiat Bravo

  • Length : 4336 mm
  • Width : 1792 mm
  • Height : 1498 mm

Being so powerful the car is expected to have a top speed of 190 KMPH and since mileage is a concern in India, the petrol variant of the same is expected to go 13 KM in a litre on highway while 11 KM in city. The diesel is expected to fall a little closer to the petrol one and will deliver about 14-18 KMPL.

I seriously cannot wait to see this beautiful car come to the Indian market and wait eagerly for the launch.

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