2012 Fiat Palio India Launch Around The Corner?

The latest rattling sound on the internet is coming from Fiat’s stable as a car codenamed as Project 326’s pictures have surfaced a couple of websites. The interesting part is that the car is said to be the 2012 Fiat Palio.  Fiat Palio as we all know was one of the cars who could not reach out to the hearts of billions of Indian and somehow went unnoticed.

The refreshed version named as Fiat Palio Stile was introduced later in order to make an attempt of reintroducing the car to customers who wanted a good small car but unfortunately destiny wanted something else and it failed yet again. Since the recent failure the brand concentrated on new models including Fiat Grande Punto and Fiat Linea which are doing quite well in the market.


image source- NoticiasAutomotivas

The picture above is of what is being said to be the next Palio. Evidently it gets complete makeover as compared to the previous models and resembles the Punto to an extent from the sides and rear. The body lines are exactly similar to those of Punto and the positioning of the rear lamps also shows that the styling cues are probably the same for both the cars.

With no confirmation on the identity of the car we assume it to be the next generation Palio. Some of the Brazilian websites have been claiming this as 2012 Palio and it is also being stated that by June 15, the car will hit the production line. As far as the launch is concerned, it is rumored to take place somewhere in July and the deliveries to the nearest dealerships will follow immediately.

So now considering the connection our and the Brazilian market has, the car is expected to come to India within an year and it would be great to see it happen.

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