Fiat Small Car Based On Fiat 500 Will Be Made In India And Will Cost Rs. 3 Lakhs


Fiat has launched Fiat Grande Punto and Fiat Linea in India in past few years and has been going not so good when it comes to sales numbers. Fiat has realized the need to bring in smaller and cheaper cars just like Hyundai and Chevrolet has been planning for Hyundai 800 and Chevrolet Spark 800. To have a slice of ever growing market demand of small cars in coming years, Fiat will develop a small car with Tata Motors and launch it by end of 2011 or early 2012.


Fiat Small Car Specifications

The small car will be derived from Fiat 500 Minicar which is a world known iconic car from Fiat. To keep the car in the cheap pricing and to take full advantage of the tax and excise benefits in India, the car will feature a petrol engine less than 1200cc in capacity with power output nearly 80BHP. The overall length of the car will be smaller than 4000mm to keep in small car tax segment. It will be a 4 door car with comfortable seating capacity for 4 passengers. At this size of car and the engine capacity, it is expected that the car will delver a decent fuel efficiency.

Fiat Small Car Price

The Fiat small car will be a low cost car and will cost between Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs 3.5 Lakhs. The actual prices may increase marginally because by the time of launch, the tax rules and input cost may change. I will update this section as soon as more official announcements are made by Fiat. The on-road price will come around Rs. 4 Lakhs depending in state to state.

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  1. Are you sure the Fiat 500 is going to be priced this low of 3-3.5 lakhs?

    Because what we are getting off the website of Fiat and other sources that it is anywhere between 13-15 lakhs..!!..

  2. @Jeffery
    Its not Fiat 500, its a car which will be based on Fiat 500, will be a much stripped down version and will not be as luxurious and feature rich as Fiat 500. Fiat 500 will continue to be placed as a different car.

  3. @Rohit: Thank you so much Rohit. I am basically from Bangalore but out here in the UK right now. I am doing a MBA research on why they are actually launching the Fiat500 in India when they know its not going to sell. If they are targeting “actor’s, auto enthusiasts and the youth”, then you know and I know that it may not sell that way, but do you think their Indian counterparts dont know that either?
    Do you by any chance know their take on this?
    And how many do you reckon they are looking at selling in India?
    Also, what kind of marketing campaign’s have they launched to promote the Fiat500 in India?
    I would really appreciate a good honest critical answer if you could..!!..

  4. […] From Nissan-Suzuki to Volkswagen-Ashok Leyland and Hyundai to Tata, every major has started targeting the small car segment and seek maximum sales from this spectrum covering almost 70% of the total car market. And with hope in their heart, Fiat is all set to enter this segment by year 2012 with a car based on the upcoming Fiat Topolino and will cost the Indian buyers not more than Rs. 3 Lakh. We have already covered a news related to this sometime back – Fiat Small Car Based On Fiat 500 Will Be Made In India. […]


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