Red Bull F1 Racing Car Becomes First Car To Run On Indian Buddh International Circuit


On October 18th 2011, Red Bull Racing has become the first Formula One car to go on track, ahead of the Inaugural Indian Grand Prix, at the Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida. Red Bull Racing car recently broke a world record by being driven at a height of 18380 Feet above sea level. Also the same car did some stunning Doughnuts performance at Rajpath Delhi on October 1 2011.

Red Bull Racing F1 Car At Buddh International Circuit

image- Red Bull F1 Racing Car Running At Buddh International Circuit In India

Video Of Red Bull Formula One Car Doing Doughnuts on Delhi Roads on 1st October 2011

As the lights turned green, the car sped onto turn 1, braking hard, and once again speeding up past turn 2 to the elevated blind corner of turn 3. Rocketing down the 1.2 KM straight towards turn 4 where there are a lot of overtaking opportunities, Neel quickly downshifted before revving up once again down the 1 KM straight leading up to turn 5. Quick braking and gear changes from turn 5 through to turn 9 led onto the elevated section of the track at turns 10 and 11. With a series of bends and straights from turn 11 to turn 16 and past the pits, Neel recorded the first ever lap in a Formula One car at the 5.14 KM Buddh International Circuit and now holds the lap record!

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