Five Highlights Of MG Hector Plus That You Should Know!

Here is the list of highlights and features that the MG Hector Plus will offer more than the regular 5-seater version of it.

MG has revealed the Hector Plus and its pre bookings have also begun for a token amount of Rs 50,000. The launch is scheduled to happen on 13th July and the units have already started reaching dealerships. Here are the highlights and features that you will see on the bigger version of your regular Hector.

Five Highlights Of MG Hector Plus

1. Six Seater Format

Hector Plus will first be introduced in a six-seater format with individual captain seats for all the three rows. Later, after some months, it will introduce the 7-seater version which will get captain seats for the first and second row and a three-seater bench for the third.

2. Handsfree Tail Gate Access

You can basically open the boot with just a swipe of your leg below the rear bumper. Handsfree tail gate access is a handy feature that comes in many premium cars. If your hands are filled with groceries or luggage, just swipe the leg and the boot will automatically open up.

3. Styling Upgrades

With the MG Hector Plus, you will get a couple of minor styling upgrades. It will include new LED headlamps, DRLs and tail lamps along with refreshed front and rear bumpers. The changes are not that much but you can easily differentiate it with the regular Hector. The overall styling, alloy wheels and silhouette remains the same.

4. Four Combinations Of Engine And Gearbox To Choose From

Just like the Hector, you will get four options to choose from. The same petrol and diesel engines will be available as well as the petrol-hybrid combination. However, not all the variants will get these three options. The base-spec trim will only come with diesel-MT combo, whereas the top-spec trim will offer petrol-DCT, Petrol-MT, Petrol-Hybrid MT and Diesel MT.

5. To Undercut Prices Of Toyota Innova

Lastly, our dealership sources have hinted that the prices of Hector Plus are likely to stay around Rs 20 Lakhs for the top-spec trim. The prices of Hector commence at Rs 12.74 Lakhs up to Rs 17.72 Lakhs (ex-showroom). Accordingly, the Hector Plus is likely to ask a Lakh more for all the variants.