Force Motors India SUV Launch Soon


The Indian Automobile sector comprises of numerous segments including, sedan, small car, and SUV, of which the first two have already seen a great rate of growth while the third one is still trying to achieve a stronger foothold.  But recently this segment has been seeing a tremendous response from the customers’ side and its market share is increasing rapidly.

Force Motors SUV

Force Motors has always been busy manufacturing commercial vehicles for the Indian automobile fraternity but soon will jump into the battleground with a new SUV due this year.

Mr. Firodia said, “We will launch a sports utility vehicle (SUV) sometime this year. We do not have a product in this segment, but we have developed a new platform which will allow us to launch a stylish new vehicle in a segment which is very popular. We are in the rural market with the Trax, which is rural multi-utility vehicle used as a rural taxi in those states that allow it. The SUV is a completely different segment from the Trax, though,”

The brand has offered a lot to transportation industry and we eagerly look forward to what it aims at offering with its first SUV.