Ford 3-Wet Paint Technology To Save Power and Reduce Pollution


Ford motor company is now going to showcase the world a different aspect of the company. The Ford motor company says that the company is the first to use the high solids solvent borne 3-Wet technology in the year 2007. Now company wants to expand its global environment friendly 3-Wet paint technology. This is an environment friendly technology as its helped Ford to lessen up the Co2 emissions predictably by 30% and Volatile organic compound predictably by 10%.

The energy which gets collected at the plant is enough to provide electricity supply to entire Chennai. Data and records say that the energy which gets saved in the painting process is predictably at around 27.6 million kWh per annum. This saved energy is enough to power 12,000 households in Chennai at least for a year. Another addition can be done by saved energy is that the entire Chennai street lights can light up for whole night at least for four months. Might be possible our readers get amazed by reading this but then this is true. In this competitive world we really require this kind of saving. So this is how Ford motor company shows the globe its different aspect.

Ford 3 Wet Paint

As per aired news Ford motor company is expanding its horizons into four different areas. Two in USA and one in China and another is in Spain. Company claims that the 3-Wet paint technology is one of its kind. We are predicting that Ford motor company will be going to save same or more energy in these upcoming plants of the 3-Wet paint technology.
The 3- Wet paint technology plant in India is located in Chennai and it is the first plant of the Ford motor company in the world. The work gets initiated by the automatic robots which applies the three coats the base, the primer and the clear coat. This is a new ray of technology by Ford motor company which should be expanded.