Ford Brings Intelligent WiFi Services In Cars

Do you feel the need to use Internet on the go when you are commuting by car ? Have you ever wished you can Synchronize your phone on the go when you are travelling and operate your Windows Mobile with voice commands when in the car ?

If yes, then you might be happy to know that Ford is going to introduce Intelligent Wi-Fi Hotspots services in the car which work using mobile phone network. This system has been developed by Ford and Microsoft.

ford-logo-small wifilogo

These kind of services have been already rolled out by Cadillac, Chrysler and Chevy in someĀ  of their cars, but something unique about Ford is that its going to provide an enhanced in-car Sync service using Wi-fi. The features of the Fords Wi-fi service which will be rolled out in 2010 in some of its car will be:

  • Factory Installed In-Car Entertainment and Communication System
  • Synchronize Any Mobile Phone / Portable Media players like iPod / Zunes
  • Operated Via Microsoft Windows-Powered Console which can be operated by Voice Commands
  • The Console can be operated By Steering Wheel buttons and radio console.
  • A USB modem can be attached to the system to provide secure Internet access to multiple devices on the go. WiFi will use WPA2 security to secure the connection.
  • The cost of the system will be included in the cost of car, no need to purchase it separately.

This means next time you are going out on a drive, you can sync your music, contacts, calendars etc on the go. Access Internet on your laptop and smart-phones. You can synchronize devices, download files, check your face book accounts, have a chat or video conference on your laptop using the Internet connection.

This service will a delight for heavy Internet users, corporate and for rest of the users to stay in touch with the world while on the go.

These Intelligent services can be used to share real time traffic data, weather information and other important travel related data in the car. it takes us a step closer to the Cars Of Future.

Please leave your comments and share with us what more you would like to have in an Intelligent In car Entertainment and Communication System.

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